How to have a wedding on a shoestring budget

16th Jan 2014

I’m often asked “I’m on a budget, how can I get married on the cheap”. Or “We need to do this quickly and inexpensively. Can you help?” Contact me!

Pismo Beach - Shore Cliff Gazebo

Of course I can help and it certainly can be done on a tight budget. And just because there is little money involved does not mean that the wedding has to be done in a room in a courthouse somewhere. Or in some dungeon or ugly environment.

An inexpensive wedding, a wedding on a very tight budget, can be held in many beautiful places that are absolutely FREE. Let’s view our choices.

  • Cliffside. On a cliff overlooking the beach is also a wonderful spot. Just be on the lookout for too much wind, which can really mess up hair, clothes, photos.
  • Beach. Best done at early morning or sunset if you are having photos. If not, any time of day is good.
  • Hiking trails frequently offer some wonderful vantage points and if you are outdoorsy, this is a wonderful spot
  • Waterfalls. I have done weddings in the desert in Andrea’s Canyon near the waterfall. Except for the minimal admission fee, this is a magical place.
  • Hotel grounds. If you are staying at a hotel, many of them have beautifully landscaped grounds and they allow you to hold the ceremony there.
  • Vista Points. So many states have scenic areas where you can meet the officiant and have a quick yet beautiful ceremony
  • Gazebo. Some public parks have gazebos and many are free, some for a small fee.

If you have other suggestions, I’d love to hear from you. Contact me!


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